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How much is school tuition?

We are implementing a sliding scale tuition model which means that families can submit their financial data (income, assets, expenses, family size) to a company we contract with, called School and Student Services.

SSS processes the data and gives us an objective report on how much the family can afford to pay, then Sunbeam Nature School sets your tuition rate based on that (not to exceed the figures in the tuition table, which shows the top of the tuition scale. Access here).

What are the ratios?

The toddlers (2-3yrs) have a 1:4 teacher: student ratio
The preschoolers (3-5yrs) have a 1:6 teacher:student ratio
The K-1 cohort (5-7yrs) has a 1:8 teacher:student ratio

What are your Covid-19 policies & procedures?

We are attentive to the latest guidance of the CDC, and we follow the data being provided by trusted news sources such as the New York Times. Our intention is to balance all aspects of the children's wellbeing. We want to prevent spread of viruses, ensure that children are present at school and minimize the risk of school closure, AND we want to allow children a sense of bodily autonomy, and to freely and authentically express themselves and develop relationships with others. 

All staff members are fully vaccinated. We get tested for Covid-19 periodically. Mask wearing is optional for children. Families follow a testing and stay-home protocol when a family member in the household is experiencing any symptoms that could be Covid-19. 

Does my child have to be fully toilet-learned?

No, your child can still be in diapers when starting school. We can communicate, and we will do our best to support your efforts in ways that work for you and your child.

What is the admissions process?

1) Please visit the "Apply Now" tab to fill out the online application form.
2) Send an email to to schedule a visit or virtual tour.
3) Priority deadline for 2022/23 school year is March 11, 2022, when our first round of enrollment offers will be sent out via email.
4) You will have 72 hours from receipt to send a completed enrollment agreement and pay your deposit (equal to one month of tuition cost).

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