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Meet the Directors


Shawna Thompson

Executive Director

I am a mother of two children (4 and 6). I have worked with children for 25 years. I was privileged to be a founding teacher at some of the most innovative and excellent schools in San Francisco, such as Brightworks School, The New School of San Francisco, and Cow Hollow School.


Throughout my career, I’ve cultivated a passion for weaving outdoor excursions with a hands-on learning curriculum, nurturing opportunities for children to solve real problems using real tools. I have extensive training and experience in Reggio Emilia-inspired pedagogy, language and literacy, inquiry-based learning, parent participation, and the importance of play and choice (two human rights; both are foundational to our development!).


In addition to 14 years as a classroom teacher, I have facilitated workshops for parents and educators, contributed writings to two published early childhood education books, and co-authored a handbook as a start-up guide and training manual for a forest preschool.  I am really passionate about cultivating parent partnerships.

My mission is to strengthen our nonprofit outreach to better advocate for the rights and wellbeing of children and families.

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